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The department, which doesn’t have any students enrolled to its programs yet, teaches pedagogical courses in other departments of the faculty of education.

Education Science Board

Psychological Counseling and Guidance

Assist. Prof. Dr. Muammer ERGÜN (Chairman)


Psychological Counseling and Guidance

Assist. Prof. Dr.E. Nihal LİNDBERG (Chairman)

Lect. Şaban KARACİK

Res. Asst. Ahmet Rıfat KAYİŞ

Res. Asst. Esma DAŞCI

Res. Asst. Yeşim AKIN


Res. Asst. Murat KONUK


Educational Administration Supervision Planning and Economics

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ergün RECEPOĞLU (Chairman)

Assist. Prof. Dr.Muammer ERGÜN

Assist. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin YOLCU

Assist. Prof. Dr. Tunay KAMER

Res. Asst. Seda YILMAZ

Res. Asst. Tuğba GÜNER

Res. Asst. Sinem ŞENFERAH


Assesment and Evaluation in Education

Assist. Prof. Dr.Hüseyin YOLCU (Chairman)

Res. Asst. Ezgi MOR


Education Programs and Teach

Lect. A. Safa DOĞAN (Chairman)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Veysi ERKEN




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